Fair Customer Service & Satisfaction is important to us.

If you experience an issue with a LUCID OPTICS item, we will request that the item be sent in for a formal warranty review process to be sure we find the issue and determine the best course of action to resolve the issue from happening in future production runs.

Once through the warranty review process we will repair or replace your LUCID OPTICS product as necessary.

It doesn't matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it. We will make every effort to be fair in resolving this issue and getting you back to the range using your equipment.

  • NOTE: the LUCID OPTICS warranty does not cover loss, theft or deliberate damage to the product...that's it.

LUCID OPTICS Privacy Policy

LUCID OPTICS will not disclose ANY information regarding your personal details, account or transactions to any third party without written permission from you directly, with the exception of those circumstances where we may be forced to by law.

LUCID OPTICS Return / Refund Policy

There are a few important things to keep in mind when attempting to returning a LUCID OPTICS product.
  • You have (20) calendar days to return an item from the date you received it.
  • Only items that have been purchased directly from LUCID OPTICS website can be returned to LUCID OPTICS.
  • LUCID OPTICS products purchased through other retailers and outlets must be returned in accordance with their respective returns and refunds policy. We simply can not refund money that we did not accept.
  • If you are returning an item, please ensure that the item you're returning is repackaged in the manor it was sent to you, with all accessories and documentation that were included when you received it.
  • Once we receive your item in "NEW CONDITION", the refund process is initiated immediately.
  • The way your refund is processed depends on your original payment method.
  • If you paid by credit or debit card, refunds will be sent to the card-issuing bank within five business days of receipt of the returned item. Please contact the card-issuing bank with questions about when the credit will be posted to your account.

Shipping Policy

Lucid Optics will ship items that are in stock within 3 working days.  If an item is on backorder,  an email will be sent giving an approximate date of delivery.  The person placing the order will have the option to wait or get fully refunded on the backordered item.  We ship Fedex Ground unless you discuss any special shipping needs with us.

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