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As shooters ourselves, we expect some very specific things from our gear. Also, we know how we use our gear, so the LUCID OPTICS L5 rifle scope was intentionally over built and designed to offer features and performance that is simply not found anywhere else at this price point. We approached this product development seeking candid and detailed feedback from real shooters (law enforcement and military professionals) as well as competitive and recreational shooters alike. We took all of the requests and balanced them out in a long list of our own development priorities. The result is an optic purpose-built in a stout 30mm one piece aluminum frame with all of the durability and quality that LUCID OPTICS has become known for. It also has a level of operator benefits and creature comforts that simply are not found anywhere else.
Lucid Optics L5 Rifle Scope
The L5 Rifle scope offers precise and repeatable 1/8MOA windage and elevation adjustments on lockable and re-zeroable tactical style turrets. The side parallax adjustment combined with the ocular diopter adjustment provides a crisp target image over the entire magnification range. The L5 Reticle is a precise MOA measuring device with 2MOA increments below the rifle's zero and meaningful windage values built in this rifle scope. This optical package simply makes longer shots possible.

NEW - LUCID OPTICS 4x-16x44 "Cross Over Optic"

LUCID OPTICS is now providing a optical solution for the precision hunter. This optic has all of the same overbuilt developments and precision qualities as it’s big brother but offers in a magnification range that is more suitable for the big game hunter.
Lucid Optics 4x-16x44 Cross Over Optic
Here at LUCID OPTICS we are both precision bench rest shooters as well as big game hunters. We understand the needs, requirements and demands that both disciplines require.

However, all to often some of the features found in a long range precision optic are unnecessarily left out of the optics designed for the Big Game Hunter. Frustrated with this, we set out to unravel the mystery of the rifle scope and create a "Cross Over" optic that embodies the best of the features and benefits in long range precision shooting. We then took on the task of simplifying, downsizing and building the new optic into a highly durable package specifically for the big game hunter.

The result of this endeavor is the NEW 4-16x44 "Cross Over" rifle scope with the proven L5 reticle. This new optic embodies all of the durability LUCID OPTICS has come to be known for along with the crystal clear performance allowing the operator to reach out with confidence.

Lucid Optics L5 Rifle Scope Specs

L5 Rifle Scope MSRP: $449 Purchase

L5 Sun Shade MSRP: $24 Purchase
Lucid Optics 4x-16x44 Rifle Scope Specs

4x-16x44 Rifle Scope MSRP: $419 Purchase


Make Longer Shots Possible

With the L5 reticle set in a crystal clear and precise LUCID OPTICS optic the operator no longer needs to be unsure of their shot placement over distance. The L5 reticle is a simple MOA measuring tape with useful hold over increment set 2MOA apart. The L5 also provides meaningful wind estimation dots to reference while shooting in less than optimal conditions. With the immensely useful addition of having the reticle available in STRELOK, the operator now can have exact ballistic data no matter what magnification the optic is set on.

The L5 reticle is set in the Second Focal plane. This is done intentionally to allow the operator to be able to back off the magnification and gain substantially more distance in target striking capability. By backing off the magnification this changes the field of view and increases the “Hold Over” distances available to the operator in the field of view with meaningful and precise reticle increments.

• B.C. : G2 .618
• Temp. 50˚
• Zero: 100yds
• Muzzle Vol: 2850fps
• 140g Berger
• Altitude: 5000ft
Reticle Examples

The LUCID OPTICS L5 Reticle is Available in STRELOK
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Lucid Optics L5 Reticle
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