What is going on at Lucid Optics

The 2014 SHOW season has been a SUCCESS!
It was good to see some of our existing customers and meet MANY new ones. Thank you to ALL that helped this season be an outstanding success.

We have had a small number of customers with "Battery corrosion" issues. Please be sure to use a quality name brand battery in LUCID OPTICS products. LUCID OPTICS can not warranty any damage that is a result of a faulty battery.

LUCID OPTICS is always searching for Dealers & Distributors
If you may be interested in becoming a LUCID OPTICS dealer or know someone who might, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

The NEW Flash Filter accessory for the HD7 is here.
We have had many requests for a flash filter accessory for the HD7. Now you can counsel the objective lens reflection on the HD7.

ADM Quick Detach mounting kit for the HD7 is here
As always, LUCID OPTICS listens to our customers very carefully. We have had many requests for a QD kit for the HD7. We have worked closely with the talented folks at American Defense Manufacturing to get an after market retro fit kit available. Well we got it done, Check it out.

LUCID OPTICS partners with Fremont Knives
We have partnered with the new start up knife company "Fremont Knives" to offer a high quality, USA made, every day carry clip folder in the "Draper". They also offer unique survival and special use blades Give the them a look, they are outstanding in quality and innovative designs will be sure to put an edge in your go bag. FREMONT KNIVES


The NEW 4-16x44 L5 rifle scope IS HERE!
The new LUCID OPTICS 4-16x44 "Cross Over" rifle scope with the proven L5 reticle is now available. We brought all of the proven and popular features of the larger sniper style rifle scope into a more compact, hunting oriented optic. This optic makes those longer shots possible with a higher level of confidence than ever before. Get yours today!

Check us out on Facebook
A good way to stay up to date on what is cooking in the LUCID OPTICS kitchen is to check us out on Facebook. From time to time we run lightning promotions and request feedback from the field. Come get involved.

The NEW SNAP RACK is here
Some times the simplest solutions are the best ones. Check out the video to learn more about the new firearm storage solution. Click here.

We have begun to build a "YouTube Channel"
We are new to this, so please be patient as we grow the content. To view some of the latest videos of some of our products in action. If you have a video you want to share with us, send it in and we will post it on our channel. LUCIDHD7

In the wake of the continued political environment and the current situation in the Firearms industry, LUCID OPTICS is still experiencing larger than anticipated demand for some of our items. We are working VERY hard to fulfill the orders as rapidly as possible. Your patience through these challenging times is greatly appreciated. The best way to reach us is by e-mail info@mylucidgear.com

The M7 Micro Red Dot Sight is getting a new Reticle
Many of our customers have requested that the M7 be offered with a single dot reticle rather than the dot and dough nut we initially came out with. This change is expected to happen mid year STAY Tuned...

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